Q: Why recycle my computers and other electronics? Why not just throw them away?

 A: The main reason why you should recycle instead of just throwing away your electronics is the hazardous materials inside the electronic components such as:
Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury which could potentially leach into the ground and possibly into our drinking water. This can be hazardous to your health and the environment. Therefore a traditional landfill cannot be used.
We live in the electronic era, as technology continues to evolve and products become increasingly affordable, the demand continues to grow. There fore there are literally millions of electronics being disposed of every year. If properly recycled the amount of trash sent to our landfills will be just that much less.

Q: Where can I drop of my e waste, do you offer a pickup service?

A: You can review in our website the list of drop off locations in all governorates of Egypt , collection events , call us or fill form . Then one of our team will contact you after 72 Hours .

Q: When will my items be picked up?

A: Your items scheduled for recycling will be pickup anywhere during 2-3 working days . In some case it might take longer depending on our workload, where you live and how many other pickups we have in the area.

Q: I don’t live in 6 of October or Cairo do you offer nationwide recycling

A: We have Network of our Represent in all Governorates of Egypt ,they will accept all electronic and computer related equipment and shipped to our warehouse in 6 of October. If you have equipment needing to be picked up please fill out our call us at 0111-6604832- 011-49222212- 0100-1137299  then we will give you the nearest place from your destination .

Q: Do you offer a service for removing private or sensitive data from my computer and what are the cost?

A: Yes EERC takes security and discretion very seriously, especially when sensitive materials are acquired for recycling. Protection of our clients’ proprietary information is of utmost concern. We damaged Hard Disk physical or Non Physical by Balnko Software for erasing all data.

We take the proper precautionary steps to prevent any security breaches and offer cost effective solutions for guaranteed, secure off-site hard drive data destruction services. we offer an entirely optional guaranteed “Certified data removal service” We will ensure that your sensitive data remains confidential. Once completed a certificate will be issued. We are willing to negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements on large pick up.

Q: Will formatting or crashing my hard drive destroy my sensitive data securely?

A: Absolutely not! Formatting a drive does not remove data. Even after a format all your information can be completely recoverable with cheap or even free software. Crashing the partition tables is no better. To be secure the drive information needs to be erased and wrote over.

Q: What are the cost for recycling my e-waste?

A: Generally we got fees for E-waste Recycling regarding to which items and Quantity  so it will be case by case also we give some incentives for end user to encourage them .

Q: What other electronics do you accept for recycling?

A: Pleas take a look at the list below, if you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact us.
– Server / Desktop / Laptop
–  Mobile Phone /Personal devices PDA, Palm Pilots/Tablet
– Printers/Fax machines/photocopiers
– Telecommunication /Networking Equipments
– U.P.S /Stabilizer
– Cables/Wires and connectors
–  Keyboards/Mouse/Power Supplies
– Telephone Equipment/ Hard Disk /CD Rom
– All Printed Circuit Boards/Circuit Board Components
– Memory /CPU

Q: Is "e-waste" considered hazardous?

A. Certain components of some electronic products contain materials that render them hazardous, depending on their condition and density. For instance, Ministry of Environment currently views Nonfunctioning CRTs (cathode ray tubes) from televisions and monitor , Battery as hazardous.